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Bird Care & Pet Care

Isn’t it enjoyable to watch the birds feeding in your own garden?

We have an impressive selection of products to feed the birds in your garden supplied by Gardman and Tom Chambers. We have feeds such as Peanuts, Nyjer seed and many different seed blends, as well as fat balls, mealworms, suet blocks and pellets and a wide range of feeders from simple plastic roll-top feeders to more decorative and ornate metal and wooden ones. We also stock a choice of Bird Tables, Bird Stations (usually cat and squirrel proof), Nest Boxes, Hooks, Hangers and Accessories.
Don’t forget the birds need feeding all year round.

We also have a Wildlife range to attract friendly bugs to your garden, including butterflies, bees, lacewings, toads and hedgehogs.

We stock a wide range of pet products from snugly beds to tasty treats and fun toys.